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Phiten Tornado Titanium Necklace
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The Phiten Tornado Titanium Necklace features a double dose of Phiten power with two titanium necklaces twisted together to form one necklace.  The strands of the necklace are coated with Aqua-Titanium with a rubberized core filled with titanium spheres and carbonized titanium.  It is worn by amateur and professional athletes on a daily basis to relieve pain and stress.  The water soluble Aqua-Titanium aids in revitalizing and balancing the body, helping to alleviate discomfort, enhance circulation, stablize energy flow and help you feel more relaxed.  Doctors and trainers are recommended the Phiten Titanium Necklace to relieve pain, increase energy, prevent injuries and increase blood circulation.  Extremely popular on the pitching mound in MLB baseball games.

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