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Phiten Renegade
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The Phiten Renegade brings to the S-Pro Collection an industrial and grungy persona featuring alternating silicone blocks overlaid with an embossed Phiten P-logo. 
Rock this one at your favorite concert or shufflin' to your favorite set.The core of Phiten technology is in our Aqua Metals - metals that are broken down into microscopic particles dispersed in water. These Phiten materials - amongst which Aqua Titanium is the most common - are then applied to the materials used in our products (fabric, silicone) in a variety of ways. For fabric, the Aqua Metals can be fused into the fabric in process similar to dyeing. 
In other applications, the Aqua Metal is mixed in with other materials to form usable compounds that can then be applied to various products. Every product - from our iconic necklaces to apparel - feature some sort of Phiten technology. We tailor our products for everyone, from hardcore athletes to everyday warriors, to get them through the daily grind and to support a healthy and active lifestyle. Alternative, grungy design Durable waterproof silicone Micro Titanium Sphere Zones.

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