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Beasts of the Boreal DVD
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This is a genuine autographed copy of The Sportsman's IQ. Each signed personally by Tony L. Abbott. From The Author: I've never considered myself to be a writer or a reader of self-help books. Those types of books want to make all of us the same, as if one seven-step regimen of change could make me happy as the guy who wrote the book. But if we all did as the self-help author advocates, we'd lose what makes us great and happy - our individuality. Not all people are alike, nor should they be, and not all business can become great business by following the same business plan, despite what some authors preach. What makes one person great may indeed make another person miserable, which is exactly why I chose to write this book. I'm an incredibly happy and satisfied person and some of you can relate to the way I see the world; and others of you will find it objectionable. To those of you who find me objectionable, I hope that you can at least have a laugh at the way I live my life and at the way I think about things. And for all of you who see things like I do, it's always nice to share great company. 

Beasts of the Boreal DVD
Destination.. ALASKA! Join the crew from Pacific Mountain Guides as they hunt the wild beasts of the coastal Alaskan rainforest & beyond. The Taiga aka- Boreal forest is a biome found in the high northern latitudes from 50degrees N to 70degrees N, & encompasses the formerly glaciated temperate rainforest of Prince William Sound. This video is action packed with hunts for Brown Bear, Black Bear, Mtn. Goat, Dall Sheep, Sitka Blacktail Deer, & Sea Ducks- all of which were filmed in 2011! If you have ever dreamed of stalking giant coastal Bears, or traversing mountain tops for majestic Dall Sheep, or ascending vertical peaks for Mtn. Goats then this is the film for you! Featuring over 20 successful big game hunts with hunters from across the globe. If hunting Alaska is on your wish list then you don't want to miss Beasts of the Boreal!

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